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Capturing the Energy and Passion of the Martin Lewis Cup Event: A Photographer's Perspective

As a professional photographer, it was an honour to capture the essence of the Martin Lewis cup event at Halifax boxing club. My primary focus on the evening was to encapsulate the passion and dedication of the boxers and the energy of the supporters.

To achieve this, I used a range of technical photography aspects such as fast shutter speed, selective focus, and angle and perspective while making the best use of the available lighting.

Using selective focus was key to isolate the boxers from the background and emphasise their determination and focus.

By using a wide aperture, I created a shallow depth of field, allowing the viewer to concentrate on the boxers. Since flash photography wasn't an option, I had to rely on natural and artificial light sources such as windows, skylights, overhead lights, and spotlights. By being mindful of where the light was coming from, I positioned myself and my camera to capture the best possible shots.

However, the highlight of the event was the dedication and hard work of the boxers. Their relentless training and preparation for the fights were evident as they entered the ring with palpable focus and determination.

I tried to capture their passion and drive in my photographs.

The energy of the supporters was also on full display, cheering on their favorite boxers with expressions and gestures of intense emotion. Witnessing the community come together to support their local athletes was inspiring.

Overall, the Martin Lewis cup event was a fantastic showcase of boxing talent. It was a privilege to capture the excitement and energy of the event while emphasizing the passion and dedication of the boxers.

The Halifax fighters' impressive win record, triumphing in nine out of eleven bouts, was a testament to their hard work and determination.

The event was proudly sponsored by MnD Floors Ltd, Yorkshire Timber Building Merchants, and Carmech Automotive.

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